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Hg. von der Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft. Redaktion: Julia Gonnella unter Mitarbeit von Rania Abdellatif und Simone Struth

Beiträge zur islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Vol. 4: A Hundred Years of Excavations in Samarra

17 x 24cm, 352 p., hardback

In 2011, the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin celebrated the 100th anniversary of the German excavations of the Islamic-medieval site Samarra. The former Abbasid capital (836-892...

Hg. von Horst Brunner, Dietrich Huschenbett, Ernstpeter Ruhe, Rolf Sprandel, Benedikt K. Vollmann (†), Norbert Richard Wolf

Das Arzneibuch Ortolfs von Baierland

17 x 24cm, 320 p., hardback

Around 1300, a surgeon named Ortolf – born in the duchy of Bavaria and settled in Wurzburg – wrote a textbook of medicine, which in brief covers all topics of medieval medicine –...

Editor: Lipps, Johannes; Maschek, Dominik

Antike Bauornamentik

Grenzen und Möglichkeiten ihrer Erforschung

24 x 32cm, 256 p., hardback

The present book collects the results of a conference, held at Munich in 2011. The single papers deal with limits and possibilities of analysing ancient architectural decoration....

Editor: Przybilski, Martin; Port, Ulrich


Reale, imaginierte und virtuelle Wissensräume

17 x 24cm, 176 p., hardback

Focusing on the concept of ’changing places’, the essays in this anthology discuss processes of constitution, stabilization, and transformation of ’worlds of knowledge‘, covering...

Schmitt, Rüdiger

Wörterbuch der altpersischen Königsinschriften

17 x 24cm, 336 p., hardback

The present volume is closing a gap of the specialist literature felt for some time. In it may be found a comprehensive Old Persian dictionary based on the author’s edition of the...

Editor: Willke, Elke; Hölter, Gerd; Petzold, Hilarion G.

Tanztherapie - Theorie und Praxis

Ein Handbuch

17 x 24cm, 400 p., paperback / softback

This book contains important texts on the foundations of dance therapy. In the first part, historical chapters show the sources of dance therapy which are still relevant today. In...

Pfister, Max; Schweickard, Wolfgang

Lessico Etimologico Italiano Lfg. 116

21 x 29.7cm, 96 p., paperback / softback
Aprile, Marcello; Pfister, Max; Schweickard, Wolfgang

Lessico Etimologico Italiano Lfg. D 8

21 x 29.7cm, 112 p., paperback / softback
Olalde, Liudmila

Zum Begriff ’namarupa:’

Das Individuum im Pali-Kanon

13 x 21cm, 156 p., paperback / softback