Skilling, Peter; Pakdeekham, Santi

Pali and Vernacular Literature Transmitted in Central and Northern Siam

13,0 x 21,0 cm, 574 S., 16 s/w Abb., 16 s/w-Abb. auf Tafeln, Broschur
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ISBN: 9783895001802

Kurze Beschreibung

„Pali and Vernacular Literature Transmitted in Central and Northern Siam“ is a preliminary survey of the pre-modern literature of Central and Northern Siam. Based on old records, it inventories both Pali and vernacular literature, classed under 27 categories, dealing with Buddhism, grammar, history, narrative, and folklore. It records the titles of texts inscribed on palm-leaf and paper and from journals in the early period of printing. It includes descriptions of the complete contents of the pioneering translations published in the journals „Dharmacaksu“ and „Dharmasampati“, which issued in new translation styles. The introduction discusses the sources of the book and the genres it describes. The book is accompanied by indexes of titles, persons, and place-names.


Anthropologie (79) || Buddhismus (39) || Frühindische Sprachen (9) || Geschichte der Religion (69) || Grammatik, Syntax und Morphologie (70) || Historische Staaten und Reiche in Asien (13) || Historische Staaten, Reiche und Regionen (229) || Indische, Ost-Indoeuropäische und Dravidische Sprachen (108) || Literatur: Geschichte und Kritik (179) || Literaturwissenschaft, allgemein (121) || Pali (5) || Religion und Glaube (226) || Religion, allgemein (94) || Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, Ethnographie (77) || Soziologie und Anthropologie (108) || Sprachwissenschaft, Linguistik (733) || Südostasien (7) || Thailand