Incekan, Abdullah

Compact Kurdish - Kurmanji

Textbook with Exercises, Key and Audio−CD

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 276 p., 70 illustrations b/w, incl. Audio-CD, paperback / softback
29,90 €

ISBN: 9783895009594
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Short Description

This text book systematically provides the basis of the Kurdish language (Kurmanji) in a practice-oriented format in 19 chapters. Each chapter consists of an authentic text, vocabulary, grammatical explanations as well as exercises. The texts and several pronunciation exercises can be listened to on the provided audio-CD. The pictures and graphics serve as an illustration of the text contents. The textbook is suitable for self-study or language courses and aimed at students who want to learn Kurdish from the beginning or deepen their knowledge. A comprehensive appendix with a key, a vocabulary list of Kurdish-English and English-Kurdish, a list of the two verb stems as well as a grammar index completes the book.


Compact Kurdish systematically provides the basis of the Kurdish language (Kurmancî) in a learner-oriented format in 19 chapters. The textbook is primarily aimed at students who want to learn Kurdish from the beginning.
However, it can also be used by native speakers who want to better comprehend Kurdish grammar and written aspects of the language, since the majority of them has no institutional support in the systematisation of their own mother tongue.
In order to meet the intended objective, each chapter is structured as follows:
dialogue / text
grammatical explanations
The dialogues / texts are taken from everyday situations of all native Kurdish countries as well as Kurdish who have emigrated to other countries. However, they are built up gradually to match the level of language of the learner.
Each text is additionally available in audio form on the included CD, where you will also find pronunciation exercises. In order to facilitate the learner’s access to the texts, many pictures have been drawn specifically for use in this book.
In order to optimize an autodidact’s learning success, the following supplements have been added:
• answer key
• glossary Kurdish – English
• glossary English – Kurdish
• index of the two verb stems
• word index
Compact Kurdish first appeared under the title «Ez Kurdî Hîn Dibim – Pratik Kürtçe Dersleri» (I learn Kurdish – Practical lessons in the use of Kurdish) in June 2009 in Istanbul (published by Nûbihar). The sixth edition of the Turkish version has meanwhile been released. Thereafter the book was transcribed into German by the author and adapted to the German target group. It was published in 2010 by the Reichert-Verlag.


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