Herausgeber: Das, Rahul Peter

Traditional South Asian Medicine TSAM, Vol. 8

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ISBN: 9783895006265

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„Traditional South Asian Medicine“ is a scholarly journal devoted to research into all aspects of traditional medicine in South Asia. It does not appear regularly. Contributions may be in English, French or German, but the use of English is preferred.

EUGEN CIURTIN: Arion Thomas Roshu (1.2.1924-4.4.2007) - GERRIT JAN MEULENBELD: Some Neglected Aspects of Ayurveda or The Illusion of a Consistent Theory. II: The Susrutasamhita - OLIVER HELLWIG: Rasayana und die ayurvedische Krankheitskunde - MUHAMMED MAJEED; DAMODARAN SURESH KUMAR: Classification of Diseases in the Tamil Medical Work Vaittiyacintamani-800 of Yukimuni. I: Introduction - MAURO MAGGI: A Khotanese Medical Text on Poultices: Manuscripts P 2893 and IOL Khot S 9 - FRANCES GARRETT; VINCANNE ADAMS (JAMPA KELSANG; YUMBA; RENCHEN DHONDUP): The Three Channels in Tibetan Medicine. With a Translation of Tsultrim Gyaltsen’s „A Clear Explanation of the Principal Structure and Location of the Circulatory Channels as Illustrated in the Medical Paintings“ -MAKOTO KITADA: Sound and the Musician’s Body - MINORU HARA: Sleep in Sanskrit Literature: nidra and svapna - KLAUS MYLIUS: Kalyanamallas Anangaranga übersetzt und erläutert (III) - MANDAKRANTA BOSE: Miraculous Maternity: A Gender Paradox in the Bengali Ramayana - WILLEM B. BOLLÉE: Dogs in a Rare Zoological Book in Sanskrit

Reviews and Notices
MAKOTO KITADA: Daliya Baduri, Carak’samhitar darsanik bhabana-samiksa - RAHUL PETER DAS: Lallanji Gopal, Vrksayurveda in Ancient India. (With Original Texts and Translation) - MAARTEN BODE: Ranjit Roy Chaudhury; Uton Muchtar Rafei (eds.), Traditional Medicine in Asia - ANANDA SAMIR CHOPRA: Rahul Peter Das, The Origin of the Life of a
Human Being. Conception and the Female according to Ancient Indian Medical and Sexological Literature - CATHARINA KIEHNLE: Joseph S. Alter, Yoga in Modern India. The Body between Science and Philosophy - RAHUL PETER DAS: Eugen Ciurtin (ed.), Du corps humain, au carrefour de plusiers savoirs en Inde. Mélanges offerts à Arion Rosu par ses collègues
et ses amis à l’occasion de son 80e anniversaire. The Human Body, at the Crossroads of Multiple Indian Ways of Knowing. Papers Presented to Arion Rosu by his Colleagues and Friends on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday


„Volume 8 of „Tradtional South Asian Medicine“ covers a broad spektrum of topics related to medicine science in both ancient and modern South Asia. Although the contents may not be focused on a specific theme, time period, or source language, and despite its irregular appearance, the extra-ordinary quality of the contributions in the journal males it an important periodical in the field of Indian medicine.“

In: Orientalistische Literaturzeitung. 105 (2010) 1. Sp. 104-106.


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