The series is dedicated to the publication of archaeological research at the ancient site of Aphrodisias. Aphrodisias was a prosperous city of the Roman period, well known for its cult of Aphrodite and its marble-carvers, and it has remarkably preserved remains from the second century BC to the sixth century AD. The archaeology of the city is especially well-suited to the study of public art and monuments in their ancient contexts and to the investigation of the elaborate architectural mise-en-scène of urban political life in the Eastern Roman empire.

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By Michael Crawford with a chapter on the architectural reconstruction by Philip Stinson and contributions by Julia Lenaghan, Mustafa D. Somersan, Serra Somersan and Yaşar Demiröz

Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices at the Civil Basilica in Aphrodisias

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 260 S., Gebunden
89,00 €

Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices was inscribed on the façade of the city’s Civil Basilica in AD 301. The volume presents the history and background of the Edict, the detailed...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: XIII
Jeffery, Hugh

Middle Byzantine Aphrodisias: The Episcopal Village, AD 700–1250

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 312 S., Gebunden
79,00 €

This study addresses the settlement at Aphrodisias, known to its medieval inhabitants as Karia, from the eighth through thirteenth centuries. Important bodies of archaeological...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: XII
Berenfeld, Michelle L.

The Triconch House

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 160 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
69,00 €

The Triconch House at Aphrodisias is one of the best preserved late antique houses in the Roman world. It represents only one phase, however, in a much longer continuum of...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: 11
van Voorhis , Julie

The Sculptor’s Workshop

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 192 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
69,00 €

Carved marble was a major part of the economy of Roman cities. The material was supplied by local and regional quarries but little is known of the workshops in which the carving...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: 10
Ogus, Esen

Columnar Sarcophagi from Aphrodisias

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 208 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
79,00 €

Aphrodisias in Caria (modern Turkey) has a remarkable body of relief-decorated marble sarcophagi of the Roman Imperial period. This monograph presents the sarcophagi decorated...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: 9
Chaisemartin, Nathalie; Theodorescu, Dinu
Mitarbeit: Lemaire, A.; Goubin, Y.

Le théâtre d’Aphrodisias: Les structures scéniques

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 368 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
79,00 €

The book is dedicated to the Theatre building at Aphrodisias and in particular its stage building. Dated by its two inscriptions between 30 and 27 BC, the theatre’s original stage...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: 8
Stinson, Philip

The Civil Basilica

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 284 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
79,00 €

The volume is about the architecture and archaeology of the Civil Basilica of Aphrodisias, a huge public building built in the late first century AD. The book presents a detailed...

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