By Gudrun Bühnemann with Transliterations and Translations from the Newari by Kashinath Tamot

The Life of the Buddha

Buddhist and Saiva Iconography and Visual Narratives in Artists’ Sketchbooks from Nepal

21,0 x 28,0 cm, 204 S., 81 farb. Abb., Broschur mit Schutzumschlag
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ISBN: 9783895004568

Kurze Beschreibung

This book describes, analyses and reproduce line drawings from two manuscripts and a related section from a third manuscript. These are:
1. Manuscript M.82.169.2, preserved in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (circa late 19th century)
2. Manuscript 82.242-1-24, preserved in the Newark Museum (from the later part of the 20th century) and
3. A section from manuscript 440 in the private collection of Ian Alsop, Santa Fe, New Mexico (early 20th century).

The line drawings depict Hindu/Saiva and Buddhist deities and themes, but the Buddhist material is predominant, as one would expect in artists’ sketchbooks from Patan. The sketchbooks from Patan. The sketchbooks are important for several reasons. They provide drawings of a large number of deities, including some groups rarely depicted elsewhere. Among them are the EIght Great Bodhisattvas, the Eight Siddhas, the Nine Serpents and - corresponding to the months of the year - twelve forms of Narayana and Lokesvara, and (associated with the ekadasi days of the months) twelve forms of Mahadeva. Many of the deities and legends are relevant to contemporary Newar Buddhism. The two narratives are of special interest. They deal with the life story of Sakyamuni Buddha and the legend of Sarvajnamitra(pada). The illustrated life story of the Buddha follows the Newar tradition, which incorporates the episodes of the sufferings of Yasodhara after Sarvarthasiddha’s departure and of the Buddha’s (return) journey to Lumbini (lumniniyatra). The book also contains a longer section on Srstikarta Lokesvara, a form of Avalokitesvara who emanates Brahmanical divinities from his body.


Gudrun Bühnemann

is Professor in the Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Her recent publications include “The Iconography of Hindu Tantric Deities” (2 vol., Groningen, 2000-2001), “Mandalas and Yantras in the4 Hindu Traditions” (Leiden, 2003; New Delhi, 2007), “Eighty-four Asanas in Yoga. A Survey of Traditions” (with illustrations, New Delhi, 2001, 2011) and “Buddhist Iconography and Ritual in Paintings and Line Drawings from Nepal” (Lumbini, 2008).


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