Authier, Gilles

Grammaire juhuri, ou judéo-tat, langue iranienne des Juifs du Caucase de l’est

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ISBN: 9783895009358
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Juhuri (Judeo-Tat), the language of the so-called “Mountain Jews” of Daghestan and Azerbaijan, belongs to the Caucasian Tat group of South-Western Iranian. Its Iranian heritage, reflected by noteworthy archaisms, constitutes an important component of the language, but Juhuri has also been under the influence of Turkic and indigenous Caucasian languages since it arrived in the Caucasus more than a millenium ago. Owing to its unique history as the language of an Iranian Jewish community in the Caucasus, Juhuri exhibits many unusual and typologically rather remarkable characteristics.
The book, based on written sources complemented by the author's fieldwork, offers a comprehensive description of the language, each feature illustrated by numerous example sentences, and concludes with sample texts and a full glossary.


„Nevertheless, all in all, this rich grammar of Judeo-Tat serves as a welcome tool in future studies of a language that has not received sufficient scholarly attention. By utilizing asound methodology to process a wealth of linguistic material, Authier has succeeded in offering new insights into various topies of morphosyntax of the language“

Von Habib Borjian

In: JAOS, 135, 3, S. 623-625.


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