Marshall, Sophie

Unterlaufenes Erzählen

Psychoanalytische Lektüren zum höfischen Roman

15.5 x 23.0 cm, 496 p., 1 illustrations color, hard cover with dust jacket
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ISBN: 9783954902217
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Short Description

The monograph examines four works from the Middle High German courtly literature (“Lanzelet” by Ulrich von Zatzikhoven, “Parzival” by Wolfram von Eschenbach, “Tristan” by Gottfried von Strassburg, and “Wigalois” by Wirnt von Grafenberg). Phenomena like ambiguities, vagueness, ruptures in coherence are connected with the psychoanalytic view of speech as a dynamic intertwining of different often contrasting messages. With this perspective that was heavily inspired by Jacques Lacans’s works, the study undertakes to pursue an ‘other’ narration undermining the narration.

Biographical Note

Sophie Marshall, born in 1983 in Bielefeld, studied Old German Language and Literature, Modern German Literature and Classical Archaeology at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. During her doctoral studies that were promoted by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, she spent a research semester at the University of California, Berkeley. In January 2014 she completed her PhD at the University of Tübingen. She worked as a research associate at the DFG-funded project “Lyrik des deutschen Mittelalters (Lyric of the German Middle Ages)” (University of Stuttgart / Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg) and was a temporary academic councillor at the University of Stuttgart. Since October 2017 she is a junior professor of German Medieval Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.


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