Trading Information

All prices are given without liability and subject to alterations.
In Germany maintained retail prices exist.
All prices for abroad are recommendations which do not include VAT.
Delivery to private customers within Germany is free of charge, to booksellers and abroad there is a delivery charge.
Bookstores are supplied on the usual conditions.
Booksellers please place your orders directly with our shipping department
F.A. Brockhaus Commission.
Tel.: +49 (0)7154 132726, Fax: +49 (0)7154 132713
Orders by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Return only after informing the publisher and to the adress of sender (all return packages must be pre paid).
F.A. Brockmaus Comission
Kreidlerstraße 9
70806 Kornwestheim

Terms and conditions
1.  Supply to booksellers
All deliveries according to the conditions of supply of booksellers applying in each case, unless otherwise stated below.
2.  Orders
a)  Any order is only binding to us after delivery of our written confirmation of order. If the order is not confirmed separately, the invoice is valid as confirmation of order.
b)  The purchaser is bound by the order until the reception of a material answer, but at the longest for four weeks after the reception of the order.
c)  In no case do any conditions of purchase of the purchaser apply to a contract with us, regardless of whether or not we explicitly object against these conditions of purchase.
d)  If the ordered goods are out of stock by the agreed shipping date or are missing from stock, we can retreat from the contract without the pruchaser having a claim for compensation against us.
3.  Delivery
a)  Goods travel for account of and at the risk of the purchaser, even when carriage-free delivery has been agreed.
b)  The claims for compensation provided in the traffic regulations on account of faulty or wrong delivery are only valid if the mistake is reported within one week after delivery.
c)  If a delivery is delayed, the purchaser can set us a grace period of four weeks and, should we fail to deliver during that period, retreat from the contract. Claims for compensation on account of delayed delivery are not granted unless it is caused intentionally or through gross negligence on our part.
4.  Reservation of ownership
a)  The delivered goods remain our property until the purchaser has fully paid the purchasing price inclusive of all secondary claims and all claims resulting from ongoing business relations.
b)  Goods falling under our reservation of ownership may only be alienated by the purchaser within the limits of their normal business, pledging and chattel mortgages are prohibited. Pledgings are to be reported to us immediately.
c)  If a purchaser resells goods delivered by us, he thereby assigns his payment claims from this sale with all secondary claims to us. If the claims of the purchaser from the resale of goods subject to reservation of ownership are taken into anopen account, he then assigns his payment claims resulting from this regarding the respective and recognised balance, amounting to our claims against the purchaser. The assignment becomes invalid if the purchaser pays to us to us the price of the delivered goods inclusive of all secondary claims as well as all claims resulting from ongoing business relations.
d)  If the value of the securities due to us exceeds our claims against the purchaser by more than 20%, we will release securities at an appropriate value at the request of the purchaser.
5.  Prices and payment
a)  We deliver at our general prices at the date of delivery, even when these no longer correspond to the prices named in the order and the confirmation. For non-trader purchasers, this only applies in the case of deliveries which are to take place more than four months after ordering.
b)  The purchaser may not make deductions for postage or early payment discounts except with explicit consent. Offsetting against our claims or detention of purchasing price is excluded unless the claims of the purchaser are undisputed or legally established.
c)  In the case of delayed payment all our invoices become due. If there are doubts as to the solvency of the purchaser we are entitled to demand prepayment. In case of arrears with payments all dunning and collection costs are to be borne by the customer.
6.  Liability
We are liable for deficiencies of the goods delivered by us, excluding any further claims, as follows:The purchaser must notify us of the defect immediately, at the latest 8 days after receiving the goods, in written form and with the delivery note attached; in the case of hidden defects within 8 days of discovery. We are not liable for defects not reported in time. Our liability extends only to providing replacement for the defective goods. If this removal of defects permanently fails, the pruchaser can only demand an appropriate markdown of the purchasing price or a recission of this individual sale.
Further claims by the pruchaser are excluded in any case, especially claims to compensation, particularly for consequential damages and loss of profit, unless the defects were caused by intention or gross negligence on our part. This disclaimer of liability also applies if such claims are derived from civil offence or positive violation of contractual duties, i.e. even when the claims have nothing to do with defects of the goods themselves.
7.  Collateral agreements, partial nullity
Oral collateral agreements are only valid if they have been explicitly confirmed in written form. The invalidity of one such condition does not affect the validity of any others.
8.  Place of fulfillment, place of jurisdiction
The place of fulfillment is Kornwestheim. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the business relation existing in individual cases due to delivery is Ludwigsburg and Hamburg for fully-qualified ttraders. For default action legal regulations apply.

Key to notification codes
1.  avaliable for delivery within 14 days, order is booked.
2.  avaliable for delivery within 6 weeks, order is booked.
3.  avaliable for delivery within 6 months, order is booked.
4.  not published yet, order is booked.
5.  date of publication not yet determined, title will be offered before publication.
6.  out of stock, new edition planned, date undetermined, title will be offered before publication
7.  out of stock, no new edition planned, order rejected
8.  only available [?], please re-order
9.  order unclear, please re-order with new information
0.  out of stock, new edition planned, date undetermined, order is booked.