Crawford, Michael

Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices at the Civil Basilica in Aphrodisias

23.0 x 31.0 cm, 260 p., illustrations b/w, illustrations color, 36 Tafeln, hardback
89,00 €

ISBN: 9783752006858
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Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices was inscribed on the façade of the city’s Civil Basilica in AD 301. The volume presents the history and background of the Edict, the detailed archaeology of its context on the Basilica, a new consolidated text of the Edict, based on the Aphrodisias version, together with new English and Turkish translations. It aims to be both an epigraphic and an archaeological publication of the most important surviving version of this extraordinary document. Detailed new drawings of the architectural context and photographs of the surviving inscribed panels are included.


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