Langner, Martin

Antike Graffitizeichnungen

Motive, Gestaltung und Bedeutung

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 336 p., 2624 illustrations b/w, 1 CD-ROM, paperback / softback
49,90 €

ISBN: 9783895001888

Short Description

More than 2500 graffiti-drawings from the Classical Antiquity have survived the centuries and are known to us today, compiled and published together for the first time in this book. These ancient drawings (sketches of figures, heads and busts, gladiators, animals, ships and copies of visible objects) are equally often found on outer walls and in private living quarters. Whereas they seem mostly, but not altogether just insignificant wall scribblings, they are yet an exciting expression of an awareness of life, a mood or an event that the graphic artist wanted to grasp and capture for times to come.

Series Description

With PALILIA, the German Archaeological Institute of Rome introduces a new series of publications, primarily monographs on archaeological research done in or starting from Italy. The series will deal with new approaches and innovative research methods, and subjects neglected in classical archaeology. The subject range includes central archaeological research areas, such as Graeco-Roman sculpture, iconography, architecture, urban research, and topographic studies, as well as topics from social and economic history, history of religion and of everyday life.


Altertum (44) || Ancient Rome (66) || Ancient World (141) || Ancient history (97) || Archaeology (523) || Archaeology by period / region (440) || Bildende Kunst (20) || Fine arts: art forms (180) || Graffito || Historical states, empires & regions (228) || History (834) || Painting & paintings (38) || Vor- und Frühgeschichte (36)