Editors: Pirson, Felix; Schütt, Brigitta; Schulz, Thekla

Micro-regions as spaces of socio-ecological Interaction

1st Milestone Workshop of the Project »The Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-region between the Hellenistic and the roman Imperial Period«, Istanbul 11–12 March 2022

Product Available Date 2024-06-05
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ISBN: 9783752008050
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The growing awareness of the current climate crisis has led to an increased interest in the investigation of historical human-environment interactions. In this context, the microregion has proven to be a significant category for ecological, socio-economic and cultural analyses. Within the framework of the microregion, it is possible to reconstruct the functioning of complex socio-ecological systems. The present volume offers a collection of papers held in 2022 at a workshop organized by the project »The Transformation of the Pergamon Micro-Region between the Hellenistic and the Roman Imperial Period«. The interdisciplinary contributions refect on micro-regions as spaces of socioecological interaction on a theoretical, methodological and empirical level. They convey the current state of knowledge for various regions of the Mediterranean and reveal perspectives for future research.


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