Editor: Melville, Charles

Proceedings of the Third European Conference of Iranian Studies

Held in Cambridge, 11th to 15th September 1999. Mediaeval and Modern Persian

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 448 p., 27 illustrations b/w, cloth
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ISBN: 9783895001048

Short Description

The second volume of the Proceedings of the Third European Conference of Iranian Studies brings together 34 papers in English, French and German, grouped thematically under the headings Linguistic Studies; Literary Studies; Religion and religious literature; history; and Art & Architecture. Within these groups, the different papers explore the whole range of Persian cuture since the advent of Islam, and givve evidence of the vitality and diversity of Persian studies in the European tradition.


Part two of the Proceedings of the Third European Conference of Iranian Studies contains 34 papers in English, French and German, arranged thematically in five sections. The first, Linguistic studies, ranges from the New Persian names in the Shahnama to the use of the particle in modern Tajik. Nine papers grouped under the heading Literary studies deal not only with classical Persian poetry, but also with modern prose literature and the oral traditions of the Bakhtiyari and of Baluchistan and Badakhshan. A similar chronological and topical spread is found in the section on Religion and religious literature, with investigations of mediaeval and modern biographical works, a study of documents connected with the Passion of Husayn, and papers on sufi literature. The section on history covers a range of topics from the Mongol period to the 1950s and events in Central Asia and Afghanistan as well as Iran. Finally, four attractively illustrated articles on Ottoman and Persian miniatures, painting in Central Asia, Kubachi-ware and the decorations on the Haydariyya mosque in Qazvin round off a varied and stumulating set of contributions, which highlight the richness and diversity of Persian culture in the mediaeval and modern period. The volume also testifies to the vigour of Persian studies in Europe, which the Societas Iranologica Europaea has assisted to promote through its four-yearly conferences. There is something in this volume to attract all students of Persian civilisation.


„On the whole, the volume is very interesting and an important sontribution to the Iranian studies in general. One feature above all might have rendered the volume even more useful for users, namely hte appending of a detailed index to it, giving all the key words, proper names and subject matters discussed in the book.“

In: Studia Orientalia. 95 (2004). S. 470-477.

Series Description

The series Beiträge zur Iranistik was founded in the 1960s by Georges Redard and subsequently edited by Nicholas Sims-Williams from 1997 to 2020; the present series editor is Agnes Korn. The series publishes works on the languages of the Iranian branch of Indo-European. The focus is on linguistics, including grammars, dictionaries, text editions, philology as well as diachronic and synchronic studies of linguistic topics. Neighbouring fields such as literature, archaeology and anthropology are likewise represented. The languages of the series are English, German and French. The Beiträge zur Iranistik are represented in libraries internationally and are widely used standard works of Iranian studies.

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