Schubert, Martin


Das Textkorpus ‚Reinmar von Zweter‘ und seine Wandlungen in Überlieferung und Rezeption

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Reinmar von Zweter is probably the most important hymn writer between Walther von der Vogelweide and Frauenlob. The transmission of his works is to a certain extent doubly unique: both the organised collection of his hymns and the early transmission of the spiritual Leich attributed to him have no parallel in the 13th century. A precise analysis of the manuscripts shows how the aspect of the oeuvre changed over the centuries. The various images of the author extend as far as the poet's miniature in the Great Heidelberg Song Manuscript or the literary figure ‘Reinmar’ in the ‘Wartburg War’. The literary study of the core corpus, flanked by an examination of the image of Reinmar in Gustav Roethe's edition, opens up new perspectives on the innovative potential of the oeuvre.


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