Kotb, Sigrun

Körperteilbezogene Phraseologismen im Ägyptisch-Arabischen

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 328 p., hardback
46,00 €

ISBN: 9783895002908

Short Description

This investigation deals with virtually unresearched idioms relating to body parts (e. g. eye, hand, head) in Colloquial Egyptian Arabic. By questioning Egyptians and utilizing the few written sources available, a collection of over 1000 idioms was compiled which, in this form, is unique for Arabic. The complex lexicographic system makes the collection useful not only for those versed in German and Arabic, but also for speakers of only one of the languages.
The extensive introduction to the collection consists of the theoretical section with descriptions of the language system in Egypt, a survey of phraselogy and the specifics of somatic expressions, the classification of the collection according to syntactic and pragmatic criteria, as well as a detailed explanation of the orthographic and lexical descriptive systems. An analysis for the written sources follows. The thematical index makes onomasiological access to the collection possible.


Afro-Asiatic languages (126) || Arabic (104) || Egypt (242) || Historical & comparative linguistics (398) || Körperteil (2) || Lexicography (35) || Linguistics (731) || North Africa (247) || Redensart || Semitic languages (99) || Ägyptisch-Arabisch (4)