Late Antiquity

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Cortese, Arabella

Cilicia as Sacred Landscape in Late Antiquity

A Journey on the Trail of Apostles, Martyrs and Local Saints

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 480 p., hardback
198,00 €

Cilicia as Sacred Landscape in Late Antiquity is a journey of discovery of the rich religious landscape of Cilicia in Asia Minor in Late Antiquity, with its contrasting and...

Jeffery, Hugh

Middle Byzantine Aphrodisias: The Episcopal Village, AD 700–1250

23.0 x 31.0 cm, 312 p., hardback
79,00 €

This study addresses the settlement at Aphrodisias, known to its medieval inhabitants as Karia, from the eighth through thirteenth centuries. Important bodies of archaeological...

Series: Aphrodisias Volume: XII
Editor: Lipps, Johannes; Machado, Carlos; von Rummel, Philipp

The Sack of Rome in 410 AD

The Event, its Context, and its Impact

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 456 p., paperback / softback
49,00 €

On 24 August 410 the city of Rome the Goths led by their king Alaric captured and looted the city of Rome for three days. This was the first conquest of Rome in 800 years, an...

Series: Palilia Volume: 28