Maischberger, Martin

Marmor in Rom

Anlieferung, Lager- und Werkplätze in der Kaiserzeit

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 190 p., 68 illustrations b/w, paperback / softback
35,00 €

ISBN: 9783895000140
Table of Contents

Short Description

Ancient Rome was like a huge construction site. This volume examines, among others, the technical, economic, and logistic aspects of the supply and the processing of marble. Some sources are published for the first time.

Series Description

With PALILIA, the German Archaeological Institute of Rome introduces a new series of publications, primarily monographs on archaeological research done in or starting from Italy. The series will deal with new approaches and innovative research methods, and subjects neglected in classical archaeology. The subject range includes central archaeological research areas, such as Graeco-Roman sculpture, iconography, architecture, urban research, and topographic studies, as well as topics from social and economic history, history of religion and of everyday life.


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