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Editor: Ritter, Markus; Ben Azzouna, Nourane; Göloğlu, Sabiha

Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Vol. 8

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 230 p., hardback
98,00 €

Volume 8 of the Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie, edited by Markus Ritter and Nourane Ben Azzouna, with Sabiha Göloğlu, presents fresh research from the Ernst...

Saba, Matthew

Impermanent Monuments, Lasting Legacies: The Dār al-Khilāfa of Samarra and Palace Building in Early Abbasid Iraq

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 216 p., hardback
129,00 €

This book offers a new interpretation of early Abbasid palaces as “impermanent monuments.” Synthesizing an array of sources, ranging from archaeological finds and classical Arabic...

Editor: Müller-Wiener, Martina; Mollenhauer, Anne

Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Vol. 7

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 260 p., hardback
98,00 €

Volume 7 of "Beiträge zur Islamische Kunst und Archäologie" (BIKA) brings together contributions from the 10th and 12th Colloquium of the Ernst Herzfeld Society. It focuses on...

Editor: Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V.; Korn, Lorenz; Ivren, Cigdem

Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Vol. 6, Encompassing the Sacred in Islamic Art

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 176 p., hardback
79,00 €

To what extent has Islam as a religion shaped the art and material culture of the Middle East and North Africa? How is Islamic religion, in turn, informed by art and material...

Editor: Müller-Wiener, Martina; Korn, Lorenz

Central Periphery? Art, Culture and History of the Medieval Jazira (Northern Mesopotamia, 8th-15th centuries)

Papers on the Conference held at the University of Bamberg, 31 October–2 November, 2012

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 280 p., hardback
98,00 €

The medieval Jazira has still to offer a multitude of topics for research. As a crossroads in which artistic currents from different regions met, it is unique in the history of...

Editor: Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V.; Ritter, Markus; Sturkenboom, Ilse; Valdéz Fernandéz, Fernando

Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Band 5

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 224 p., hardback
79,00 €

Geographically spanning from Spain to Central Asia, the themes included in the fifth volume of Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie encompass architecture, archaeology,...

Mit einem Einführungsessay von Christoph Markschies

Orientalische Bibelhandschriften aus der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – PK / Oriental Bible Manuscripts from the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – PK

Eine illustrierte Geschichte / An Illustrated History

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 192 p., hardback
39,90 €

The collection of Oriental manuscripts at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz forms with its 42,000 volumes one of the most significant collections of its...

Editor: Schwarz, Florian; Korn, Lorenz; Orthmann, Eva

Die Grenzen der Welt

Arabica et Iranica ad honorem Heinz Gaube

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 324 p., hardback
68,00 €

Applying different methods on a broad range of sources, the present book attempts to transcend the limits between disciplines of Oriental Studies in twenty articles dedicated to...

Editor: Koenen, Ulrike; Müller-Wiener, Martina

Grenzgänge im östlichen Mittelmeerraum

Byzanz und die islamische Welt vom 9. bis 13. Jahrhundert

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 216 p., hardback
58,00 €

The volume presents articles from different academic fields. The geographical focus lies on the Eastern Mediterranean, its chronological framework comprises mainly the 9th to 13th...

Editor: Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V.

Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie

Jahrbuch der Ernst-Herzfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Band 1: Bericht über die Tagungen in Bamberg vom 1. bis 2. Juli 2005 und in Bonn vom 7. bis 8. Juli 2006

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 214 p., paperback / softback
59,00 €

Volume 1 of the „Contributions to Islamic Art History and Archaeology“ presents a part of the papers from the first two colloquies of the Ernst Herzfeld-Society, 2005 and 2006....

Editor: Hagedorn, Annette

The Phenomenon of “Foreign” in Oriental Art

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 204 p., hardback
88,00 €

In the context of this book, the term ‘foreign’ can be interpreted in such a way as to consider anything outside one’s perceived norm as unfamiliar and therefore strange or even...