Skilling, Peter; Pakdeekham, Santi

Pali Literature Transmitted in Central Siam

A catalogue based on the Sap Songkhro

13.0 x 21.0 cm, 470 p., 29 illustrations b/w, 8 s/w-Abb. auf Tafeln, paperback / softback
22,00 €

ISBN: 9783895009990

Short Description

„Pali Literature Transmitted in Central Siam“ is a manual of Pali literature. It gives the titles of 529 texts, the majority inscribed on palm-leaf, dealing with Buddhism and ancillary topics such as history and grammar. Each title is accompanied by bibilographical references and a brief description. The introduction describes the sources used for the compliation of the book and their history and principles of classification. The book is accompanied by indexes of titles, persons, place-names, and selected genres.


Buddhism (39) || History (834) || Indic, East Indo-European & Dravidian languages (107) || Indo-Iranian languages (97) || Nepal (17) || Religion & beliefs (225) || Tibet (31) || Usage & grammar guides (3)