Istanbuler Mitteilungen

The »Istanbuler Mitteilungen« see themselves as a platform for archaeological and cultural-historical research on Anatolia and its neighbouring regions. The contributions deal with material evidence of the past from prehistory to the Ottoman period. In accordance with the  field of research at the Istanbul Department of the German Archaeological Institute, prehistoric archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology, classical archaeology, Byzantine archaeology and building research form the thematic main topics of the journal. Interdisciplinary essays that also include other subjects in the humanities, natural sciences or geosciences are expressly welcome. The contributions are published in the common scientific languages but mainly in German and English with Turkish summaries.
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Editor: Pirson, Felix; Kinzel, Moritz

Istanbuler Mitteilungen 72, 2022

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 288 p., hardback
40,00 €

The current volume brings together a range of contributions dedicated to diverse material evidence in various Turkish regions from different periods: Besides the investigation of...

Series: Istanbuler Mitteilungen Volume: 72