Morgantina Studies

The series Morgantina Studies presents the results of American excavations at the central Sicilian city of Morgantina. Previous volumes (published by the Princeton University Press) were dedicated to terracotta figurines, coins, pottery kilns, Hellenistic and Roman ceramics, archaic cemeteries, and the indigenous Iron Age settlement. Future volumes will appear under the auspices of Verlag Ludwig Reichert; studies are anticipated of the material culture and architecture of the archaic and Hellenistic settlements, where archaeological excavations are continuing.
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Bell, III, Malcolm

Morgantina Studies VII. The City Plan and Political Agora

Results of the excavations conducted by Princeton University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Virginia

24.0 x 31.5 cm, 444 p., cloth
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The orthogonal city plan was adopted in the mid-fifth century BCE and implies a democratic constitution. Almost entirely excavated, Morgantina’s large agora offers a detailed...

Series: Morgantina Studies Volume: VII