Pakdeekham, Santi

Pitakamala. »The Garland of the Pitaka«

13.0 x 21.0 cm, 380 p., incl. CD-Rom with digital images of the “Pitakamalas” of Wat Phra Luang and Wat Ratanaram, paperback / softback
39,00 €

ISBN: 9783895004544

Short Description

“Pitakamala” or “The Garland of the Pitaka” is a Northern Thai text that describes the Buddhist scriptures as they were traditionally transmitted in palm-leaf manuscripts kept in temple libraries. Different versions are known. This volume, the first time a “Pitakamala” text has been published, presents the “Pitakamala” of Wat Pa Duea, Chiang Mai, in Central Thai and romam scripts. The text is divided into twenty-three sections, and gives a total of 1,435 titles. There are introductions and indexes in English and Thai.

Biographical Note

Dr. Santi Pakdeekham is a lecturer in the Department of Thai and Oriental Languages at Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok.


Buddhism (39) || Buddhist sacred texts (6) || Linguistics (731) || Religion & beliefs (225) || Translation & interpretation (2)