Hodak, Suzana

Ornamentale Purpurwirkereien

De variis purpureis segmentis, paragaudis, clavis et ceteris ornamentis cum ornamento

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 1686 p., 6155 line drawings b/w, hardback
348,00 €

ISBN: 9783895007880

Short Description

The textile finds from Egypt provide a special quantitative and qualitative value to the ornamental purple textiles. They can be counted as a chief representative of ornamental work in “Coptic” art.
In some respects, this three-volume work attempts to lay the groundwork of knowledge. The aim is to provide a working instrument and manual for future involvement with this group of object types, but also to make knowledge on ornamental work more generally available.
The work not only brings together a considerable collection of material from around 2,360 purple textiles, documented and presented in the form of a database and a complete catalog, but it also provides a detailed analysis of the same. It can be said that these object groups in no way see indiscriminate and/or infinite variation. This is shown both in the fundamental design of the decorative work, as well as in their ornamental design. The status quo of their ornamental repertoire is compiled in this ornament catalog.


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