Editors: Eaton-Krauss, Marianne; Fluck, Cäcilia; van Loon, Gertrud J. M.

Egypt 1350 BC to AD 1800

Art Historical and Archeological Studies for Gawdat Gabra

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 176 p., 37 illustrations color, 41 illustrations b/w, hardback
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ISBN: 9783895008207
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This tribute by a baker’s dozen of women to the esteemed Coptologist Gawdat Gabra comprises articles dealing with subjects reflecting his scholarly interests in the art and archaeology of Egypt which span more than three millennia. Following on Martin Krause’s laudatio and the list of Gawdat’s publications, four contributions (among them the publication of a number of liturgical objects in metal) focus on holdings of Cairo’s Coptic Museum, an institution with which he has been closely associated for over a quarter century. The production of pottery at monasteries, an icon painted by Ibrahim el-Nasikh in the mid-18th century, and the iconography of Zacharias, father of St. John the Baptist, are the subjects of articles, as are Coptic stelae from the Fayum, a group of rare embroidered textiles, an very unusual donor portrait among the paintings of the Red Monastery, and a mendicant statue of the New Kingdom supposedly from Edfu, the site of Gawdat’s first posting as an inspector of antiquities.


This tribute to the esteemed Coptologist Dr Gawdat Gabra includes articles on art and archaeology spanning more than three millennia of Egyptian history, reflecting his wide-ranging scholarly interests. Contributions include initial studies of specific groups of objects as well as new interpretations of monuments based on current advances in scholarship.
Prof. Martin Krause introduces the volume with a laudatio of his former student, now an internationally acknowledged Coptologist. The list of Gawdat’s publications, compiled by Lucia Langener, is followed by studies concerning nearly all genres of art - from manuscripts, pottery, textiles, and metalwork to sculpture and painting.
Four contributions deal with the collection of Cairo’s Coptic Museum of which Gawdat was director for many years and to which he remains committed. Samiha Abd el-Shaheed and Fatma Mahmoud Mohamed, former colleagues at the museum, review his invaluable contribution to the institution - first and foremonst, his initiation of an international project to produce a series of scholarly catalogues of the holdings. Dominique Bénezath publishes liturgical objects in metal from the collection which span the centuries from the Late Antique Period down to about 1800. Marguerite Rassart-Debergh reviews the wall paintings in the museum deriving from the monastic settlement of Kellia.
Pascale Ballet provides a survey of ceramic production in Egypt’s most important monasteries, and Cäcilia Fluck’s contribution concerns a group of rare embroidered garments.
Three articles consider different aspects of Coptic painting. Elizabeth Bolman identifies a man in civilian clothing depicted in the main church at the Red Monastery as a highly unusual donor’s portrait. Gertrud van Loon’s analysis establishes for the first time the iconography of Zacharias, father of St. John the Baptist. A recently restored icon dating to the mid-18th century by Ibrahim al-Nasikh, which depicts St. Rebecca with her five martyred children, is studied in depth by Suzana Skalova. Renate Dekker supplements Skalova’s technical and iconographical analysis with an appendix on Coptic martyrology.
Sofia Schaten’s contribution establishes criteria for assigning a number of Christian tomb stelae without secure provenance to the Fayyum. The volume is rounded off by Marianne Eaton-Krauss’s publication of a New Kingdom mendicant statue supposedly from Edfu, the site of Gawdat’s initial posting as inspector of antiquities.


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