Kurzgrammatiken indogermanischer Sprachen und Sprachstufen

In these concise grammars, the material is presented in a convenient way, mostly in tabular form, and can be used by teachers as a basis for advanced lessons. They each provide an overview of the documentation, writing system, and the elements of phonology, morphology, and, where appropriate, syntax of the respective language or stage of a language, taking into account a selection of recent literature. For this purpose, the focus is on a synchronic presentation; diachronic facts are explained insofar as they are didactically helpful for beginners. All languages are presented in transliteration in order to allow for an easier start for new learners.
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Matzinger, Joachim


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Concise description of the Messapic language (phonology, morphology, syntax) on the basis of the Messapic epigraphic corpus. Analysis of selected Messapic inscriptions. Extensive...

Ziegler, Sabine

Klassisches Sanskrit

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Die Kurzgrammatiken bieten das jeweilige Material in praktischer, meist tabellarischer Form und können von...