Kieffer, Charles M.

Tabous, interdits et obligations de langage en Afghanistan

Éléments du vocabulaire de la vie privée en terre d’Islam

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 168 p., 2 maps, 3 illustrations color, 4 illustrations b/w, 2 Faltpläne, 4 Diagramme, 76 Tafeln, cloth
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ISBN: 9783895008122
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Short Description

This book reflects on a quarter-century of observations by Charles Kieffer (Research Director CNRS, Paris) during his dialectological research from 1957-1981 in all of Afghanistan, sometimes under very adventurous circumstances.
As a contributor to the “Linguistic Atlas of Afghanistan” under the direction of the late Prof. Georges Redard (University of Bern), he has also collected material about the private life and the intimate vocabulary of the people living in the countryside.
Dealing with the oral folk culture, where the people are, in part, illiterate and deeply influenced by Islam, gave the author the opportunity to bring to light some taboos, prohibitions on speech, and language obligations still well noticeable in everyday life.

Series Description

The series Beiträge zur Iranistik was founded in the 1960s by Georges Redard and subsequently edited by Nicholas Sims-Williams from 1997 to 2020; the present series editor is Agnes Korn. The series publishes works on the languages of the Iranian branch of Indo-European. The focus is on linguistics, including grammars, dictionaries, text editions, philology as well as diachronic and synchronic studies of linguistic topics. Neighbouring fields such as literature, archaeology and anthropology are likewise represented. The languages of the series are English, German and French. The Beiträge zur Iranistik are represented in libraries internationally and are widely used standard works of Iranian studies.

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