Altangerel, Ganchimeg

Classical Mongolian

A Textbook for Students, Scholars, and Everyone Interested in Mongolian

20.5 x 26.0 cm, 200 p., illustrations color, paperback / softback
39,90 €

ISBN: 9783752008203
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Table of Contents

Short Description

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Classical Mongolian: A Textbook for Students, Scholars and Everyone Interested in Mongolian is designed for those interested in learning the Classical Mongolian script. Prior knowledge of the modern Mongolian language and the Cyrillic alphabet is not required for enthusiasts wishing to use this book.

The textbook offers
– a learning journey into the world of the Classical Mongolian script and its artistry
– a modern approach to learning with clear and easy-to-follow instructions
– contemporary and engaging topics
– example sentences drawn from everyday life
– insights into the history and culture of Mongolians from Mongolia, China, and Russia
– a wealth of additional lessons and materials not available in any other textbook
– coverage of technological developments and digital writing using the script


Grammar, syntax & morphology (69) || Grammatik (21) || Lehrwerk (2) || Linguistics (731) || Mongolian || Sprachwissenschaft (140) || Textbuch || Ural-Altaic & Hyperborean languages (25)