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Schimmer, Florian

Amphoren aus Cambodunum / Kempten

Ein Beitrag zur Handelsgeschichte der römischen Provinz Raetia

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 384 p., hardback
48,00 €

Amphorae played a central role in the long distance transport and trade of (mediterranean) food and other goods during the Roman period. Today they represent an excellent...

Walburg, Reinhold

Coins and Tokens from Ancient Ceylon

Ancient Ruhuna. Sri Lanka-German Archaeological Project in the Southern Province. Vol. 2. Ed. by H.-J. Weisshaar, S. Dissanayake and W. Wijeyapala

19.0 x 29.0 cm, 412 p., hardback
79,00 €

Coins are a principal source to elucidate both the pattern of trade between Sri Lanka and the western world in late antiquity and the island’s monetary and economic history. The...

Subseries: Ancient Ruhuna Volume: 1