Isler, Hans Peter

Ausgrabungen in der frühbronzezeitlichen Siedlung im Heraion von Samos 1966

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 278 p., 1035 illustrations b/w, 2 Pläne, 74 Tafeln, 48 Beilagen, hardback
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ISBN: 9783954905355
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Short Description

Publication of the Excavation conducted by the Autor in the Year 1966 in the Early Bronze Age Settlement underneath the Sanctuary of Hera on Samos.


This volume publishes the excavations carried out by the author in 1966 and presents all finds from the important Early Bronze Age settlement in the Heraion of Samos. The volume discusses 180 vessels and more than 200 small finds which, with few exceptions, have not become known. The assemblage presented here, with its rich find material, is of exceptional significance in research as a complete find complex belonging to a single settlement phase from the close of the Early Bronze Age in the eastern Aegean and western Anatolia. The finds – locally made pottery in addition to isolated imported objects, various implements of clay, stone, metal and bone, including two casting moulds – are analyzed in their archaeological find context and are classified and dated on the basis of comparison with objects in particular from Troy, Beycesultan and Tarsos as well as objects from the Cycladic region in the cultural context of Anatolia and the Aegean.


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