In the series of “Archäologische Forschungen” (Archaeological Studies), monographs on the various areas of research in Classical Archaeology are published, mainly concentrating on studies concerning architecture, urban research, topography and everyday culture of Greece, Asia Minor, and the periphery of the Greek world. The chronological scope ranges from the beginning of periodized history to late antiquity. The following volumes, partly to be published in sub-series, will present the findings of research and excavations in the Hellenistic and Roman towns of Priene, Aizanoi and Pompeii. “Archäologische Forschungen” are edited by the Head Office of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (German Archaeological Institute) in Berlin.
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Ateş, Güler

Die rote Feinkeramik von Aizanoi als lokaler Kulturträger

Untersuchungen zum Verhältnis von lokaler roter Feinkeramik und importierter Sigillata

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 168 p., hardback
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The subject of this survey is the local red glaze ware of Aizanoi found in several architectural complexes during excavations in the years 1980 to 2001. Beside the red glaze ware,...

Series: Archäologische Forschungen Volume: 32
Subseries: Aizanoi Volume: 2
Niewöhner, Philipp

Aizanoi, Dokimion und Anatolien

Stadt und Land, Siedlungs- und Steinmetzwesen vom späteren 4. bis ins 6. Jahrhundert n. Chr.

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 374 p., hardback
78,00 €

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Die zentralanatolische Stadt Aizanoi spielt in zweierlei Hinsicht eine Schlüsselrolle für das Verständnis der...

Series: Archäologische Forschungen Volume: 23
Subseries: Aizanoi Volume: 1