Bühl, Gudrun; Cutler, Anthony; Effenberger, Arne

Spätantike und byzantinische Elfenbeinbildwerke im Diskurs

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 320 p., 127 illustrations b/w, 52 illustrations color, hardback
118,00 €

ISBN: 9783895004971
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Arun Banerjee: Non-destructive Investigation of Ivory by FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy - Gudrun Bühl: The Making of Early-Byzantine Pyxides - Jean-Pierre Caillet: Remarques sur l’iconographie Christo-Mariale des grands diptyques d’ivoire du VIe siècle. Incidences éventuelles quant à leur datation et origine - Caroly L. Connor: Color on Late Antique nad Byzantine Ivories: Problems and Challanges of Conversation - Anthony Cutler: Resemblance and Difference: Carving in Byzantium and Ottonian Germany in the Ivory Century - Josef Engemann: Zur Bedeutung der Veranstaltung in Amphitheater und Circus in der Spätantike - Helen Evans: Digenis Akritis and a Middle Byzantine Rosette Casket in The Metropolitan Museum of Art - John Hanson: Editions of the Joseph Narrative in Ivory between East and West - Petra Janke: Die byzantinischen Elfenbeintafeln im Domschatz zu Halberstadt - Hiltrud Jehle: Technologische Aspekte ausgewählter Elfenbeinarbeiten des Museums für Byzantinische Kunst, Berlin - Dale Kinney: First-Generation Diptychs in the Discourse of Visual Culture - Holger A. Klein: Die Elfenbein-Staurothek von Cortona im Kontext mittelbyzantinischer Kreuzreliquiarproduktion - Ulrike Koenen: „Kopien“ imaginärer Vorbilder und Reproduktionen. Spätantike, karolingische und byzantinische Elfenbeinwerke im forschungsgeschichtlichen Diskurs - Barbara Schellewald: „... als Kunstgeschichte so exakt werden wollte wie die Philologie oder die Zoologie“. Die frühe Elfenbeinforschung in Deutschland - Avinoam Shalem: The Second Life of Objects: Ivory Horns in Medieval Church Treasuries - Paul Speck (†): Beharrlichkeit oder Die Verteidigung alter Feststellungen - Archer St. Clair Harvey: Carving in the Center: Evidence for an Urban Workshop on the Ppalatine Hill in Rome

Biographical Note

Gudrun Bühl received her Ph. D. in Byzantine Art History at Freiburg University in 1990, specializing in Early Byzantine Art and with a focus on iconography for her dissertation on the representation and meaning of personifications of cities, especially Roma and Constantinopolis. After teaching Byzantine Art and Archaeology at the University of Göttingen, she was assistant curator of the Byzantine Collection at the Bodemuseum in Berlin and lectured on Byzantine Art at the Berlin Freie Universität. As an archaeologist, Gudrun Bühl has participated in surveys of Byzantine rural settlements in Turkey. Since 2005 she serves as curator and director of the Dumbarton Oaks Museum.

Anthony Cutler is the Evan Pugh Professor of Art History at the Pennsylvania State University. The author of numerous books and articles, he has established himself as an international expert on ivory carving with such works as The Hand of the Master: Craftsmanship, Ivory, and Society in Byzantium (Princeton University Press). He has been a member of the Institute for
Advanced Study at Princeton, a resident in art history at the American Academy in Rome, and has held four fellowships at Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University‘s Center for Byzantine Studies in Washington, D. C., as well as a Paul Mellon Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. He held the Humboldt
Research Prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany in 2001-2002 and was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago during spring 2001. Dr. Cutler was named a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation for 2002-03 and was elected a Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America in 2005. In Spring 2009 he will be a Senior Research Associate at the Khalili Centre at Oxford University.


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