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Kaffenberger, Thomas

Tradition and Identity: The Architecture of Greek Churches in Cyprus (14th to 16th Centuries)

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 1011 p., cloth
198,00 €

This first study of the late medieval Greek churches in Cyprus investigates over 300 buildings. It addresses the historical and artistic context of these churches, the first part...

Series: Scrinium Friburgense Volume: 46
Editor: Cortese, Arabella; Verein Spätantike Archäologie und Byzantinische Kunstgeschichte e.V.

Mitteilungen zur Spätantiken Archäologie und Byzantinischen Kunstgeschichte

Identity and cultural exchange in ancient Cilicia: New results and future Perspectives Internationales Kolloquium 18. – 19. Mai 2018 in München

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 160 p., paperback / softback
39,80 €

Identity and Cultural Exchange in Ancient Cilicia—New Results and Future Perspectives is the results of a conference held at the University of Munich in 2018. It assesses the...

Editor: von Rummel, Philipp; Piesker, Katja; Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 356 p., hardback
84,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
In its annual journal the German Archaeological Institute has published an average of seven articles on...

Walter, Hans; Clemente, Angelika; Niemeier, Wolf-Dietrich

Ursprung und Frühzeit des Heraion von Samos

Teil 1: Topographie, Architektur und Geschichte

23.7 x 33.5 cm, 356 p., hardback
78,00 €

This volume examines thoroughly the origin and early history of the Heraion on the island of Samos, one of the most important sanctuaries of the Greek world. Topography,...

Series: Samos Volume: 21.1
Editor: von Rummel, Philipp; Wulf-Rheidt (†), Ulrike; Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 296 p., hardback
84,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
In seinem Jahrbuch (JdI) publiziert das Deutsche Archäologische Institut seit 1885 jährlich im Schnitt sieben...

Matzinger, Joachim


17.0 x 24.0 cm, 176 p., paperback / softback
19,90 €

Concise description of the Messapic language (phonology, morphology, syntax) on the basis of the Messapic epigraphic corpus. Analysis of selected Messapic inscriptions. Extensive...

Editor: Eger, Christoph; Mackensen, Michael

Death and Burial in the Near East from Roman to Islamic Times

Research in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 264 p., hardback
148,00 €

This book is based on a German-Arab colloquium held in Amman in September 2013, where current excavation and research results on death and burial from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and...

Golyzniak, Pawel

Ancient Engraved Gems in the National Museum in Kracow

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 432 p., hardback
148,00 €

The collection of ancient engraved gems in the National Museum in Krakow is considerable in size and top in quality. It consists mostly of the specimens assembled by the...

Voigts, Clemens

Selinus VI. Die Altäre in den Stadtheiligtümern

Studien zur westgriechischen Altararchitektur im 6. und 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr.

24.5 x 34.0 cm, 194 p., cloth
78,00 €

The sixth volume of the Selinus series deals with the monumental altars in the urban sanctuaries of Selinunte. Nine large altars from the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., which are...

Eschbach, Norbert

Panathenäische Preisamphoren aus dem Kerameikos zu Athen

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 520 p., hardback
98,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
Seit Beginn der Grabungen auf dem Kerameikos zu Athen, der Staatsnekropole vor den Toren der Stadt, kommen...

Series: Kerameikos Volume: 21
Kuhn, Gerhard

Das heilige Tor

23.7 x 33.5 cm, 280 p., hardback
110,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
Das Heilige Tor liegt nur 42 m vom größten Stadttor Athens, dem Dipylon, entfernt und gehört ebenso wie dieses...

Series: Kerameikos Volume: 19
Killen, Simone


Offizielle Symbole griechischer Poleis und Bundesstaaten

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 395 p., hardback
78,00 €

In this study the original Greek phenomenon of state symbols, so-called Parasema, is examined for the first time and comprehensively. These mostly small symbols that Greek poleis...

Series: Archäologische Forschungen Volume: 36
Eideneier, Hans

Bettler – Säufer – bunte Vögel

Populäre Gedichte des griechischen Mittelalters

15.2 x 21.0 cm, 208 p., paperback / softback
39,95 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
Die hier in metrischer deutscher Übersetzung vorgelegten und mit reichem Bildmaterial aus einer griechischen...

Kreuzer, Bettina

Panathenäische Preisamphoren und rotfigurige Keramik aus dem Heraion von Samos

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 168 p., hardback
58,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
Der vorliegende Band präsentiert Grabungsmaterial aus dem Heraion von Samos: Panathenäische Preisamphoren des...

Series: Samos Volume: 23
Editor: Simmelkjaer Sandgaard Hansen, Bjarne; Nielsen Whitehead, Benedicte; Olander, Thomas; Olsen, Birgit Anette

Etymology and the European Lexicon

Proceedings of the 14th Fachtagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft, 17-22 September 2012, Copenhagen

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 552 p., hardback
118,00 €

Etymology and the European Lexicon constitutes the proceedings of the 14th Fachtagung of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft, held in Copenhagen 17–22 September 2012. The 43...

Hg. von Christian Kunze, Mit Beiträgen von Clemente Marconi, Dimitris Damaskos, Stavros Vlizos, Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki, Evi Touloupa

Antike Plastik

Lieferung 31

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 164 p., hardback
58,00 €

No english description available. Showing german description:
Im aktuellen Band 31 befasst sich Clemente Marconi mit der Skulptur der sogenannten Göttin von Morgantina,...

Series: Antike Plastik Volume: 31
Webb, Virginia

Faience material from the Samos Heraion excavations

22.0 x 29.0 cm, 308 p., hardback
78,00 €

Vessels, figurines and amulets of faience were dedicated in the great Archaic sanctuaries of East Greece. Those presented to the goddess Hera at Samos reveal the especially...

Series: Samos Volume: 13
Editor: Lühr, Rosemarie
In cooperation with: Hisatsugi, Satoko


Neue Wege ihrer Beschreibung

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 118 p., paperback / softback
29,90 €

Until now the concept of idiosyncrasy has been hardly associated with syntax or syntactic relations. Contributions of Indo-European linguistics show that it must be examined if...

Liesner, Malte

Griechisch – Arbeitsbuch zur historischen Phonologie

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 124 p., paperback / softback
19,90 €

This book covers he phonological development from Proto-Indo-European to Attic Greek. It is a user-friendly and accessible resource in which all explanations are accompanied by...

Liesner, Malte

Greek – Historical Phonology Workbook

21.0 x 29.7 cm, 124 p., paperback / softback
19,90 €

This book uses modern methods of adult education in the field of historical linguistics. It presents a variety of tasks, easy-to-understand exercises and work instructions as well...

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