Editors: Brockmann, Christian; Deckers, Daniel; Koch, Lutz; Valente, Stefano

Handschriften- und Textforschung heute

Zur Überlieferung der griechischen Literatur. Festschrift für Dieter Harlfinger aus Anlass seines 70. Geburtstages

17.0 x 24.0 cm, 384 p., 56 illustrations b/w, 62 illustrations color, cloth
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ISBN: 9783954900503
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Short Description

This volume is a collection of papers on Greek and Byzantine manuscript studies. The main topics covered are related to the textual transmission of texts from Antiquity, to the study of particular manuscripts and scribes, to broader topics in the field, to reception or to digital philology. One area of interest was the use of technology both in the analysis of manuscripts particularly by means of multispectral imaging and in evaluating and disseminating research results.
Some of the papers published in this volume were first presented at a conference in Hamburg in 2010 to celebrate the 70th birthday of Dieter Harlfinger.


Ancient (Classical) Greek (36) || Hellenic languages (49) || Indo-European languages (450) || Indogermanistik (55) || Linguistics (733) || Literaturwissenschaft (79)