Castells Criballés, Margarida

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del Río Sánchez, Francisco; Forcano Aparício, Manuel; Castells Criballés, Margarida; Elias Alibek, Pius Hormizd
Herausgeber: del Olmo Lete, Gregorio

Catalogue des manuscrits conservés dans la bibliothèque de l’archevêché grec-catholique d’Alep (Syrie)

Manuscrits arabes-chrétiens de l’archevêché grec-catholique d’Alep

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 228 S., Gebunden
98,00 €

This catalogue is typical of an ecclesiastic library belonging to a theological institution devoted to the training of priests. It is an invaluable testimony for the study of the...