Haig, Geoffrey

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Mahmoudveysi, Parvin; Bailey, Denise; Paul, Ludwig; Haig, Geoffrey

The Gorani language of Gawraju a village of West Iran

Texts, grammar, and lexicon

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 270 S., Leinen
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This book describes an endangered variety of Gorani spoken by an Ahl-i Haqq (Yaresan) community in a village of western Iran, Kermanshah province. It contains a grammatical...

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Herausgeber: Korn, Agnes; Haig, Geoffrey; Karimi, Simin; Samvelian, Pollet

Topics in Iranian Linguistics

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 214 S., Leinen
49,00 €

The 13 chapters of this volume represent a selection of the papers presented at the “Third International Conference on Iranian Linguistics”, held in September 2009 at the...

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