Pannewick, Friederike

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Herausgeber: Pannewick, Friederike; Khalil, Georges
Mitarbeit: Albers, Yvonne

Commitment and Beyond

Reflections on/of the Political in Arabic Literature since the 1940s

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 356 S., Gebunden
79,00 €

This book is about relations between literature, society and politics in the Arab world. It is an attempt to come to terms with the changing conceptualizations of the political in...

Herausgeber: Milich, Stephan; Pannewick, Friederike; Tramontini, Leslie

Conflicting Narratives: War, Trauma and Memory in Iraqi Culture

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 286 S., Gebunden
69,00 €

This volume deals with the Iraqi cultural production under and after Baathist rule, a research field which, in comparison to Iraqi history and politics, has attracted relatively...

Herausgeber: Pannewick, Friederike

Martyrdom in Literature

Visions of Death and Meaningful Suffering in Europe and the Middle East from Antiquity to Modernity

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 380 S., Gebunden
59,00 €

This book aims to achieve a deeper understanding of the very human phenomenon of martyrdom by analysing in detail its highly varied re-enactments in European and Middle Eastern...

Herausgeber: Szyska, Christian; Pannewick, Friederike

Crossings and Passages in Genre and Culture

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 228 S., Gebunden
49,00 €

Crossings and Passages in Genre and Culture scrutinizes the fascinating and diverse wanderings forms of artistic expression, in particular literature, have taken through different...

Pannewick, Friederike

Das Wagnis Tradition

Arabische Wege der Theatralität

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 336 S., Gebunden
42,00 €

Es gibt kein eigenständiges arabisches Theater. Dieses Genre wurde von den Arabern aus Europa übernommen. Lange Zeit war diese These in Europa und in der arabischen Welt...