Hauser-Dellefant, Angelika; Witoszynskyj, Eleonore

Life is movement is music

Developments and concepts of Viennes Rhythmics at the University of Music and Performing arts Vienna

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ISBN: 9783752007657
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Kurze Beschreibung

What do music and movement have to do with our being human? Basic musicality and basic patterns of movement are given to all of us. Without these qualities we would not be able to learn languages and understand each other. That which
initially functions unconsciously, can be stimulated and supported through artistic means. Artistic expression is part of human nature and not a luxury. Especially through music and movement we can develop the foundations of communication
and enhance our awareness of life. The present book shows how the connections between music and movement can
be taken up in education to develop social and creative skills – not only the skills of children, but also those of adults, elderly people and people with special needs. After a short introduction to the development of the Viennese education, the interrelations of music and movement are presented in more detail in terms of different aspects of Music and Movement/Rhythmics. The applications of the approach when working with different target groups are described and insight into the didactics of the approach is provided.


Angelika Hauser-Dellefant, Professor emerita; 1982–2022 professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna; 2002–2022 head of the Institute for Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics and Music Physiology; 1992–2005
lecturer at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

Eleonore Witoszynskyj, Mag. Phil., 1968–2016 lecturer in rhythmics, teaching practice, and in didactic and theoretical subjects in the field of Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.


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