Byzantine history

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By Michael Crawford with a chapter on the architectural reconstruction by Philip Stinson and contributions by Julia Lenaghan, Mustafa D. Somersan, Serra Somersan and Yaşar Demiröz

Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices at the Civil Basilica in Aphrodisias

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 260 S., Gebunden
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Diocletian’s Edict of Maximum Prices was inscribed on the façade of the city’s Civil Basilica in AD 301. The volume presents the history and background of the Edict, the detailed...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: XIII
Jeffery, Hugh

Middle Byzantine Aphrodisias: The Episcopal Village, AD 700–1250

23,0 x 31,0 cm, 312 S., Gebunden
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This study addresses the settlement at Aphrodisias, known to its medieval inhabitants as Karia, from the eighth through thirteenth centuries. Important bodies of archaeological...

Reihe: Aphrodisias Band: XII
Fildhuth, Jesko

Das byzantinische Priene

Stadt und Umland

21,0 x 29,7 cm, 280 S., Gebunden
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Das Buch behandelt die urbanistische Entwicklung des westkleinasiatischen Priene und seines Umlandes, welches das Gebirge der Mykale sowie die untere Mäanderebene umfasste, in der...

Unterreihe: Priene Band: 5
Iamanidzé, Nina

Saints cavaliers

Culte et images en Géorgie aux IVe–XIe siècles

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 204 S., Gebunden
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This is the first archeological, iconographical and hagiological study, based on the unpublished archaeological research findings, that attempts to measure the importance of the...

Spier, Jeffrey

Late Byzantine Rings, 1204–1453

17,0 x 24,0 cm, 112 S., Gebunden
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“Late Byzantine Rings, 1204-1453” is the first study of the rings of the last years of the Byzantine Empire, the period encompassing the Latin occupation of Constantinople...